Grind launch by Skullcandy

SKULLCANDY needed to introduce his brand new Grind headphones to media and influencers, through a unique experience related to music.
  • Launch the new Grind headphones.
  • Increase brand’s notoriety between the relevant media in Spain.
  • Spread the brand’s essence and his #Supremesound
  • Offer an unique experience of product testing
  • Build a solid relationship with the Medias.
  • We created an original event in an adequate scenario for the product, brand, media, bloggers and influencers that we wanted to reach.
  • We chose the best location in Barcelona, the Aclam Studio. A recording Studio in downtown, with an amazing guitar, vinyl, and amps collection and a lovely space.
  • We organized a concert for the attendees, not just for having fun but for testing the product from the control room.
  • We also chose a band rock, the G.A.S Drummers that with their good vibes and potent social media, also increased brand’s visibility during the day.
  • We customized the studio in order to make visible Skullcandy’s essence and style in every corner.
  • Guests had a nice experience and also could test in a professional condition the new product, in the end they took it as a gift.
  • 85 attendees, between media and influencers.
  • 18 press clippings about the event.
  • Positive feedback from all the assistants, who took a very good impression of the brand and his products.
  • More than 1.000 views of the presentation video in Youtube.

Date: October 2015

To check the presentation’s video, click here

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