Dolce Hotels and Resorts

Dolce Sitges + Torres Winery

A win-win partnership agreement between Dolce Sitges and Bodegas Torres, based on arranging a press trip with key journalists from national lifestyle media. The journalists spent the night at the hotel; theyvisited the restaurants and did spa treatments related to wine therapy.

  • Create and take advantage of synergies that benefit both parts.  
  • Expand our data base due to our partner’s ties, in this case Bodegas Torres, with gastronomic and leisure media.  
  • Generate attractive content related to Dolce Sitges hotel and sensitive of being published.

  • Invitation of the most important national lifestyle media.
  • Announce the hotel’s wide range of possibilities, either on a gastronomic or health & wellbeing level taking advantage of the possibility to talk about both wine pairings, in the hotel’s restaurants, as well as wine therapy, in the spa.
  • Creation of new opportunities, as well as different and attractive content for the media.  

  • The journalists that belong to the leisure section of Esquire, Vanity Fair, Gentleman, Woman and Joyce attended the press trip.
  • The assistants published Dolce Sitges with Torres experience as a leisure proposal: get away + visit Bodegas Torres, reaching an audience of 3,357,795 readers and a ROI value of 49,920€.
  • Loyalty of the journalists that assisted the event, and the attendance of other visits from media that couldn’t assist due to agenda items. 

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