Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew launches in Spain

Mountain Dew, the american refreshing drink has arrived to the Spanish market on May of 2015 with challenging goals regarding brand positioning and awareness. The target: young boys between 16-24 years with a lifestyle inspired in the action sports (especially skate), music and videogames.

  • Launch Mountain Dew in Spain in a creative way, highlighting that there is no such drink on the market - making a difference with other drinks. 
  • Have an impact on MD key target, through core media and influencers in order to generate a state of desire by MD target.
  • Offer a MD experience to core media, bloggers and KOL so they get to experience the taste and quality of Mountain Dew.
  • Transmit MD support and engagement with the skateboard indistry both in Spain and worldwide.
  • Achieve credibility through appropriate platforms and influencers.

  • Arenalia designed a strategic communication campaign that started with an expectations teaser and a product presentation at Arenalia´s Press Days.
  • Accurate mailing of a quality press kit to media and influencers.
  • Create interesting content for our target during the whole campaign. Most of them linked to skateboarding and generated through treasury shares (Best Trick Tour, Dew Tour Boot Camps, etc) or collaborations with other events such as the BCN Extreme.
  • Synergies with core media and participation in initiatives that support the skateboarding, like Mountain Dew Master Week with Dogway.

  • An average of 60 impacts on core and mainstream media (offline and online) per month.
  • Important local media coverage in each event and activation of consumption in main Spanish areas. 
  • More than 800.000€ ROI generated.
  • Brand visibility in the world of skateboarding.

Date: May 2015

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