Nice People

Nice People, Bread and Burger

Nice People, gourmet burger restaurant in Barcelona, opened its doors during Spring 2015 and needed a launch campaign to get the place known by general, lifestyle and gastronomic media.

  • Get Nice People known as the new gourmet burger restaurant in Barcelona positioning it differently from the rest of burger shops for the quality and style that represents.
  • Create an image campaign.
  • Generate appropriate content for every different target media.
  • Approach influencers, bloggers and key opinion leaders to know it and create engagement with the place and the brand.
  • Accomplish the largest media coverage possible.
  • Planning of the different communications with the adequate content for each media.
  • Press call to selected lifestyle and gastronomic media and bloggers for a press lunch.
  • Press call to influencers, bloggers and media for the night opening event.
  • Press release to all media (general media, lifestyle, gastronomic, blogs, etc.).
  • Extensive follow up of this release.
  • Different one-to-one appointments between editors and Nice People director.
  • 24 impacts in online and offline media.
  • 42 impacts in social media.
  • 89.937 € of ROI.
  • 10 attendants to the press lunch.
  • 70-80 attendants to the night event.

Date: Spring 2015 

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